Thursday, February 6, 2014


Here is a quickie for you!

I am working on visualizing the life I want and deserve.  I am reading and watching videos with some tips to refresh my memory on how to bring about the future I desire and deserve.  I have lived my life on these principles but sometimes get stuck and need a reminder.

Just this morning I was driving with my Little Man.  We passed the Civic Center and I saw the Sesame Street Live sign. 

I visualized my son going to see the show in one way or another.  Just him and left the parent neutral (could be either of us).  I texted My husband, letting him know it was in town, so it was definitely on my radar in a very strong way.  I mentioned to my co-workers in passing that I would like to take him.

A few hours later, while at work, a friend texted me that she had two extra tickets and asked if we would we like to go.

I almost fell over out of JOY... my co-workers were blown away. me folks... I'm on my way to something greater as I visualize my desired future and meet it with an open mind and heart.