Saturday, March 2, 2013

What would you like to see when you go to the theater?

I was recently asked what I would like to see when I go to the theater.

Before I could even think,  I heard my self say, "Something physical, lively, with a lot of energy.  Have you ever heard of Squonk Opera?"

I saw Squonk in the late 90s at PS122 in the city.  It is difficult to put into words what they are and how it makes you feel to experience their performance.   It is like a rock band from another planet with a really high other worldly female voice.  The voice is a delight and the music a trip.  There are synthesized horns and a double bass that isn't just for a baseline.  The accordion is a nice accent and the piano like a constant cascade throughout the music.

Visually you are at a rock concert with puppets and odd nonsensical things moving to and fro, projections take you through all kinds of nether worldly places along with some of the creatures and puppets the players become.  All the players play the instruments while they play the characters and manipulate magic.

Squonk rocked my theater world and nothing has compared since.

In 2002 I saw that Squonk was auditioning in the city.  I sent them me singing and dancing and performing music I had written.  They sent me two of their shows and asked me to prepare music from both, one of my own songs, and choreography.  I spent an hour with them auditioning, singing, dancing, laughing and playing.  It was really amazing... my best audition ever.  I had fun and got to hang out with performers I admire deeply and play in their world that I love so much.

I did not get to join their group as a performer and that is okay.  I was grateful for the time I did spend.

It has been years since I thought of them or listened to their work, but they still hold the spot in my heart and mind for the best theater experience and the best audition.  I noticed that they have 5 more shows and albums to go with them on ITunes.  I asked Wayne to get me a new one for my birthday.  I have Inferno and Bigsmorgasbordwonderwork.  I encourage you to check them out!

This is Squonk Opera...I hope you have the joy to see them one day and that they open your childhood heart as fully as they did mine.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photos, Kickstarter, and a New MUSICAL FILM O-STAR

An Alum of Vassar's Film Department is a great photographer, musician and filmmaker.  Dima Othvertchenko '06, was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by to say HI.

I had the pleasure of acting in Dima's film "Anisometropia" as a government nurse in the Spring of 2006. I really enjoyed working with him for several reasons:  He is organized, he knows what he wants and how to make it happen, he goes above and beyond, and there is always fun to be had while on set. Definitely be looking for Dima in the world of film!

 I threw out the idea of photos for my actor family and he loved the idea. On Saturday, we got together and took shots of Wayne, Willo and me.  They came out great!  We each got shots as individuals and as a family.

 In return for his great work we are donating to his kickstarter campaign for his graduate thesis, a really cool sounding musical film project called "O-Star."  We would also like to draw your attention to the campaign in case you might be looking to donate :)  even a few bucks can really help!✓&term=otvertchenko

Here are some of the shots we got from the shoot and some shots of the shoot happening!
Thanks Dima!  You Rock!

Dima's website is a must see!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Resolutions: Reflections

It has been months since I have written.  My financial situation caused a sudden move and so life is different now. I have lots of time in the car and less time for me and my family.
It is a new year so I thought I would do some reflection rather that trying to make resolutions. This time just after the holidays is a perfect time to just rest and take a look to see what is going on.
I realized that exercise is lacking in my life and that I feel best when there is physical activity daily.
I realized that if I breathe and stay relaxed and calm when I am paying bills or dealing with finances, the money tends to come when I need it most
I realized that writing is an important part of who I am and to do more of it woud be good for me.
I realized that meditation is something that helps me to be a better person.
I realized that if I give my son my direct and undivided attention(which he deserves) he is less likely to foil my efforts to do something that doesn't involve him.
I realized how fortunate I am to be healthy, and to have the friends, family, and partner that I do.