Monday, June 11, 2012

LPR and a Picnic on the Deck

So,  we are trying out some reflux medication for our little one. His cough has not gone away for many months now and the asthma meds don't seem to be doing anything (I have never agreed that he had asthma.)  There is nothing in his lungs and they don't constrict.

His cough lives in his throat and it is a doozy.  Not Croup. Not Whooping. But a gagging cough that makes my heart ache.

I met a woman recently and she told me about LPR Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

I think this may be my son's trouble.  So we are on an adventure to find out how best to eat to help regulate this dis-ease in his body.  We have to balance the acid so there is just enough and find out how to keep in down in the belly.

Tonight we had a picnic on the deck with a homemade one minute muffin.  It had honey, rice flour, flax, ginger, apple sauce, and an egg. We put honey on it.  We also had apple sauce with prevacid on top, and some bread. (I didn't have the bread or prevacid  since I am gluten free. But I did share the muffin.) We also had some dried papaya.  He loved that!

W loved eating on the deck at his little tykes picnic table and it was his idea to have a muffin.  We sat there together in the warm summer breeze enjoying our treats and loving life.

The coughing never gets him down.  He is just as happy as can be.  The coughing worries his parents though.  And neither of his parents will stop until we find out how to heal it.

Tomorrow I will share the one minute muffin basics I follow to make an instant muffin. I will also share some of my favorite variations on the theme... stay tuned!


  1. It's really surprising that the doctors have had him on asthma meds for this long with no ease of symptoms. I would've thought that they would've look into something else by now. But the info on LPR sounds a much more on target, especially since many babies do begin with gastro problems until their little bodies catch up. And diet does seem to always get overlooked... things the pharmacuetical industry doesn't want people to know. I wonder what thoughts his doctor has on this.

  2. I am glad you are figuring this out. I hate hearing him cough. He deserves a cough free healthy life, and I am sure if anyone can soothe this throat and figure it out, you will! The one minute muffin sounds wonderful!! :) XO