Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Words of a 2 year old

My sons first word was 'stinky' and he was one.  He was born three months early so he was actually only 9 months when he started with those few words.

Now he is 28 months and the developmental doctor says he is communicating like a three-year-old.
Some of his more fun expressions:

I haven't been feeling well today and he asked  what was wrong with me.  I said that I had a belly ache.  He said, "My ache hurts too in my belly."

It missappeared.
It fell a piece (instead of it fell apart)
My all done (I'm all done)
Mommy, My Lonely
 My scared, Mommy Misappeared.
Daddy Misappeared.
What's Wrong, Mommy?
A row row (Yoyo)
foon (spoon)
poke (fork)  this one he now says correctly but at one point  he called it a poke
Yes Pwease
Fank youuuu
I want to get up.
He calls pajamas P- Jams

When we are going to our friends house he knows the house and names it when we get there.  He also expresses that he knows when we are close to home and arriving home. "There's my house."  He says.

He knows all the different kind of diggers and trucks and totally blows my mind when he knows it.
A ment truck
A flat bend
a digger
a frontend loader
a grater

 He calls his Uncle Scott- Uncle Sock

Because of the Thomas song  Their two, their four, their six, their eight... His counting was kind of like
two, four, five, etc.  Now it is getting to the correct order.

He is saying his pleases and thank yous.

Right around the age of two he started conjugating;  Daddy farted.  (fart happens) Daddy's farting.

If you ask him his name he will tell you the whole thing last too.
If you ask him how old he is, he will say that he is four.

He knows all the Thomas the tank Engine trains.

His lawn mower is a "clean up."  So is a vacuum a "clean up"
His pliers are cutters.

Each day it seems as though he can carry on more and more of a conversation.  We are so grateful and very proud of him.


  1. The actors he met her in Ellenville mentioned today how they were having full conversations with him when they met him and then were surprised to find out he was only two years old! They send their regards.

  2. This morning he said, "Don't touch my hands, they're mine." He was mad because I moved his hand away from his open diaper area.

    Hellooooo to the Ellenville gang! Happy Theatering!

  3. Willoughby also helps me do a checklist in the car. "Sunglasses, keys, be a driver, Mommy."