Saturday, June 2, 2012

Water Pressure

Sometime in mid April, we had a sink clogged in our kitchen.  Wayne worked his tail off fixing it. We finally rented a drain auger and got it unplugged.  The next day it seemed as though our water pressure had been cut in half.  The shower wouldn't turn on if the toilet had just flushed.  We could barely wash our hands inside the house if we were watering the garden outside, and we had to put everything on a schedule for water use.

When I chose my house one of the main things was water pressure.  It must have good water pressure.  This house has always had good water pressure.   I could run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time and still flush the toilet and when I rented a pressure washer, it was just fine when doing the deck and driveway.

So for an entire month we suffered this low pressure.  Wayne called the town to see if it was something with them that might be causing it.  Nothing with the town. Wayne looked it up online to see if we could figure something out.  We just kept on with our measly drip.

One morning recently, the shower wouldn't turn on and I got cranky. I said, "I want my water pressure back."  So Wayne set out trying to figure it out again. Low and behold, in our utility room was a valve that had been bumped during our clean up with the sink.  The valve that was bumped was how the water entered the house.  Wayne opened it up and out came the deluge I had looked for when I was house shopping.

I am so grateful to have it back. It really is the little things that make life better.

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