Sunday, April 8, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar

I have decided to start with the most recent miracle of remedies we have in our cabinet and work backward.  Of course,  I am not a doctor, I am just a Mommy sharing her journey.  I do check with my doctor on a regular basis and share with her what remedies I use.  If you try any of these things, I recommend you talk with your doctor about them as well.

My 2 year old son, Willoughby has a diagnosis of Asthma.  He gets really congested from head to toe, it seems, and he coughs and wheezes.  So we are working on NO DAIRY(that will be a whole other blog,) and that seemed to be working for a while.  Just recently, we had received a clean bill of health with him and if he needed his medications (albuteral for emergency clearing of the airways, budesonide for asthma maintenance, and an anti-histemine for the congestion that may be caused by allergies,)we have them if we need them.  A Few days after the happy doctor visit,  W started with the coughing, and the runny nose, you know, the one at every daycare all over the world. ( I swear, if I was a daycare teacher, I would just sit and wipe noses allll day long.)

So he started to get this horrid cough.  We tried all our natural stuff first: honey, elderberry, etc. It didn't seem to be working at all.  We then in the middle of the night at like 3 am decided it was time to do albuteral. Out comes the nebulizer.  I give him the treatment and it does NOTHING.  W and I got up and he was playing at 3 am.  He was fine, and breathing fine, but coughing and coughing. It was breaking me down hearing him suffer so with the cough.  He still ate and played and all good things but coughed and coughed.  I gave him green smoothies and chamomile tea and kept flushing out his sinuses and gave him more honey and he coughed and coughed.  We tried albuteral again and he refused to sit through the treatment.  He never refuses it... because he knows it helps him...but this time he was just not having it.

He went down for a nap and I was cleaning for my brother- in-law's visit.  I had my stepson, Alex, get on the computer and I told him to look up natural cough remedies for toddlers... He said mix 1/3 a cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 heaping teaspoons of honey and 3/4 cup of boiling water.  I did this. Willoughby was still coughing in his sleep.  When the mixture was cool enough, I put 5ml in a dropper and gave it to him in his sleep.   He stopped coughing immediately.  He woke up shortly after and started playing.  His cough was reduced from a cough every 1 to 2 seconds to one per minute or so.  I kept giving him some of the mixture through the day and his cough got less and less.  When he did cough it was super productive and lots of junk came out.  

A day later, he is great!  He slept all night, he had a great morning and a three hour nap and all the congestion and junk is pouring out.  He is processing his common cold normally without unnecessary medications.  I was really worried that he was still having asthma even without the dairy in his system. I was feeling really defeated. The natural cough remedy we were brave enough to try was just the right thing.  

I am standing by my pledge to see if we can help Willoughby heal and grow a strong immune system by NOT overtoxifying his system with medications he really doesn't need.  We are working on removing problems by finding the irritation rather than masking symptoms with more toxins.


  1. Can't recommend this book enough. Apple cider vinegar, honey and cod liver oil. All great healers.


  2. Thanks KIm!



  3. Ok, how do I make a link look like a link and not the whole mess URL?

    Aside form that, this link is to the newer edition of the above book, which is a used on fro sale. This link will allow you to have a look inside, see the table of contents.

    This book was extremely helpful to me and my family many years ago. My ex-wife was over a flu in under 24 hours, a flu that was keeping people in bed for up to two weeks. She got the flu on a Thursday and we went square dancing on Friday night. Had a whopping good time.

    I got rid of spreading warts on all ten of my fingertips in less than two weeks using nothing more than a few drops of cod liver oil applied directly to the warts. No scar, no cutting, no burning, no drugs, no surgery... I don't think the whole thing cost me a dollar.

    ok, here's the messy URL link

  4. This is great stuff! I am on a mission and I am so glad to hear your success stories!