Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who do you believe?

I am pondering this question because there are so many theories and so many different places to obtain information in this day and age.

I was posting on a high school acquaintance's facebook page today regarding soy and soy products.  I know that I have heard and read horrid things about soy.  I also know that I have read great reviews about how great it is for you.  Who do you believe?

I think what it comes down to is, you have got to go with your instincts.  If you are okay with consuming something no matter what the pro's and con's are that you find out there, that is what you have to go with.

The thing we have to do is pay attention to what the food that we consume is doing to our bodies.  If your body loves soy and you are healthier than you have ever been, that is a good sign for YOU.  If you eat bacon and you don't have problems with your heart and cholesterol, that is great for YOU!  If you know you get sick from eating corn and wheat then avoiding them is best for YOU, that is the key!  If you are getting congested every single day when you don't have a cold, then it might be time to consider what is causing it and remove it for a better functioning system.  If you get gas and bloating every single day, you probably have something irritating your digestive system and you have to find out what it is.  Your body is telling you something. Ultimately when it comes to our diet, we really only have ourselves  and our bodies to believe.

I denied one of my allergies for a very long time and I did it because it was such a healthy food. I kept trying to eat it because it was supposed to be good for everyone.  I was in such denial even when I vomited the food right after consuming it.  I would double over in pain after eating it. And finally it was making my body mimic a 24 hour stomach bug!   My partner finally said to never bring it in the house again and if I do I am not allowed to handle it.    I am allergic to avocados.  My body made it very clear that it wouldn't behave if I decided to eat this food.

My instincts also lead me to do research on what can happen if you consume too much flax seed... yes... I had consumed too much and it made me feel light headed and strange...because too much of it can cause a cyonide toxicity.  Now obviously I didn't have a cyonide toxicity but I did have a reaction to too much flax and my partner did too.  In moderation it is fine like with many things.  One would have to consume a very very very large amount of it to really cause problems but I had had enough to make me feel "not right."

Back to Soy.  It actually increased my bra one size up.  I hadn't gained weight anywhere else... just there...that was enough to make me realize that I was dealing with a product that too much of something my body didn't need in it.

We must listen and believe what our bodies are telling us.

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