Sunday, April 8, 2012

Natural Thoughts from a Struggling Voiceover Mommy

This is my first blog, ever.  I kept thinking about blogging, and I am one of those people who listen to "the voice that cries out the most," in my mind.  You may be thinking that it is strange that I admit there is a voice crying out in my isn't really in my head, it is in my gut.  My gut is saying... "get your thoughts out there, Lady."  Then the other voice argues, "Why? No one will read it anyway." Then the gut voices stops and the head voice stops and there is quiet and in that moment when they stop arguing I get out of bed and come to the computer and begin.

Hello world, here I AM.  Heidi is my name, and I am a newish parent of 2 years with my own son and of 4 with my stepsons.  I live in the Hudson Valley of New York where I have a tiny house and still manage to save a closet for a voiceover booth where my parter and I record voiceover as a supplement to our meager living.

I moved up here to skydive from Manhattan nearly 10 years ago. I skydived my way around the country living in a converted school bus, and then found the love of my life...again.  We had done a tour of Romeo and Juliet sometime in the late nineties he was Romeo and I was Juliet. We were great friends for  years, he was married and I had my relationships so that was all we could give each other.  We lost touch after Sept. 11.  He went on tour with The LION KING and I ran away with the skydivers.
When we found each other again in 2007, he was divorced and I had just been dumped, again.  We were meant for each other and the rest is history.   In this blog I will tell you our adventures and most importantly share stories of how we are caring for our youngest son with natural remedies instead of the five medications that were prescribed by our child's doctor.

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