Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healing an Ear Infection without Antibiotics

This was my quick post from Facebook (I am trying to get this information out there so others may benefit from it):
Mommy and Daddy helped Willoughby heal an ear infection without antibiotics...we gave him local honey with cinnamon, put olive oil drops in his ears that had fresh garlic in, we massaged his ears, we reduced his sugar intake, we really kept flushing his sinuses and each night before he goes to bed, after brushing his teeth, we have him chew and antibiotic with xlitol in it instead of sugar. We were so thrilled when the doc said his ears were great! 

The last time we had been to the pediatrician she said that he had an infection and she tried to give us a prescription for an antibiotic.  I cried and said, "No."
I was terrified.  But I knew in my gut that I could beat this without more horrid chemicals.  We took her prescription and went on our way.  But we never filled it because we didn't have to.

Some interesting things I have learned about ear infections:

An ear infection can be viral or bacterial.  There is no way of knowing which your child has.  
So when the doctor looks in the ear and sees an infection the most they can do for your child is give them an antibiotic.
Here's the clincher: IF THAT EAR INFECTION IS VIRAL, the antibiotics WILL NOT WORK!  That means you are giving your child antibiotics steeped in SUGAR for NOTHING.

The sugar glop that your child takes with the antibiotic in it is part of the reason why the infection keeps coming back.  The SUGAR is a huge toxin that makes things fester and become inflamed.  The antibiotic is killing EVERYTHING.  That means the good stuff too.  So your child's ear has a festering inflamed mess on top of NO GOOD BACTERIA LEFT TO FIGHT anymore.

The probiotics are a great thing to help with this.  A pro-biotic given at night after brushing, a chewable, helps put good bacteria in the throat.

Another thing that I was afraid of doing was putting garlic and olive oil drops in the ear.  This helped my son a lot and he liked the way it felt.

Another thing to do is look up shiatsu points for helping ear infections and gently rub those areas if the child can tolerate it.

Dairy allergies can contribute to ear infections.

Honey kills bad bacteria and children generally love it.  REMEMBER NOT TO GIVE A CHILD UNDER ONE YEAR ANY HONEY EVER!  You should get local raw honey... nothing processed.

Elderberry is a natural antiviral.  I invite you to do research about the benefits and how long to administer it.  My pediatrician recommended this natural product to us. 

I asked my doctor about each and every one of these things that we did and she said each was safe.  You should always ask your pediatrician first.  I also think that it is very important to know that their training is limited.  If your gut is telling you that you don't want to have tubes put in your child's ears, and each time an antibiotic is prescribed you cringe from your head to your toes, you should question your doctor, do research, get a second opinion and know that you know your child better than anyone else in the world. 

Also it is very important to see your doctor after a week of trying the natural remedies to see if they are effective.  Your doctor is very proficient in diagnosis for sure.  If they aren't working THEN take the antibiotic... sometimes they are the only thing that will work. While taking them definitely give a pro-biotic twice a day.

We are healing his asthma diagnosis by removing dairy from his diet. ***More to come on this adventure soon.

Remove the toxins and you will be amazed by the results.

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